Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Good Morning, World

Is anybody else unconvinced that that was actually James Marsden's actual butt on this week's latest episode of Westworld Adventure Time? James hasn't shown a lot of skin in the past (I still think some of his nudity in the Death at the Funeral movie was faked) and this is shot like doubles were used. Here I will show you what I am talking about:

That is a lovely butt but the way that's shot that could be anybody's butt. That could be my butt - maybe I did butt-double duty for Jimmy during the same period when I blacked out and directed a prison movie starring Charlie Hunnam? Jeez what else am I going to find out I did whilst out of it? If a remake of Boys in the Sand starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jai Courtney suddenly presents itself I think we'll have our answer. Until then I ask you...

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par3182 said...

why can’t you let us have nice things?!?