Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Great Moments In Movie Shelves #151

I've been to Toronto a dozen times in my life, having grown up just across the lake, but I'm not enough of a local to've known that Queen Video was a real place and not just an easter egg put across from Jake Gyllenhaal to make me snicker.

Unfortunately Queen Video closed in 2016, so if you're planning on visiting it for your super duper Enemy Movie Location Tour the next time you're in town you'll have to cross that one off the list.

It's probably safe to assume at this point, whether you liked Blade Runner 2049 or not (I did not) that Denis Villeneuve has got a long career still ahead of him - next up is two Dune movies, apparently! - but I often find myself wondering where Enemy will fall when the dust settles on his career. My opinion's that it's his best movie to date but then as we all know...

... my opinion's mostly garbage. Anyway this is kind of a throwaway scene in the film; Jake's professor character has just been told by a co-worker in a very odd scene (even for this movie) that he should go watch a movie - nothing is stranger here than friendly conversation! - and so he goes and rents a movie. And suddenly...

... there he is.
I love how the movie inside the movie...

... actually looks less stylized than
 the, uh, movie outside the movie as if
Jake's trapped in dual purgatories. (And isn't he?)

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you wanna see some bookshelves? watch last weeks episode of "one strange rock".