Monday, May 07, 2018

Game Over Man Game Over

Guess who saw Aliens on the big screen yesterday? This guy, this guy! I mean me. The United Palace here in New York City is an old-school gilded theater from the 1930s that's still in operations today - it's mostly a church but they do concerts and they do a monthly movie screening, and for May in honor of Mother's Day we got James Cameron's 1986 action-horror classic -- how could I miss it? Granted I just saw Aliens on the big screen about two years ago, and with Sigourney in attendance to boot, but who cares - you really can't see this movie too many times, and on a ginormous screen with a rapt audience is really the best way to do it. We hooted, we hollered, we applauded Siggy's every move. 

And so because of that (and also because today is the birthday of "Newt" aka the actress Carrie Henn) I've dedicated this week's edition of "Beauty vs Beast" to the main monsters of the series. Click on over to The Film Experience to choose between the Queen Mama (designed by Cameron and Stan Winston) or her gooey infant expulsions (designed by HR Giger himself)...

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