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As promised slash mentioned here yesterday I posted that picture on Instagram last evening from the Aliens screening at The Town Hall here in New York, where we celebrated "Alien Day" in the presence of greatness, Sigoruney Weaver herself. She came out and introduced the film and then she stayed and watched it with us (!!!!) and afterwards did a Q&A.

It was epic, you guys. First off it was a blast to watch the movie with an uber-appreciative audience (we basically tore the roof off the place when Ripley says, "Get away from her, you bitch.") Plus the girl sitting beside me had never seen the film before and was SO into it, TOTALLY freaked out and jumping in her seat, and that was a delight. I mean I've seen the movie dozens of times and I was still jumping in my seat. I don't think I'd ever seen the film on the big screen before though and good god does it look great.

The Q&A itself, while being run by the moderator, was great - Siggy clearly cherishes the role of Ripley like no other, and is about as proud of the film as she oughta be. (Which is very very very much.) She said she hadn't sat and watched the entire movie in awhile and when she spoke about the memories it stirred up, how much she loved working with all those actors, it seemed deeply heartfelt. (She seemed to particularly love Michael Biehn, as any sane person would, and Lance Henriksen.)

And her admiration for James Cameron is clearly stratospheric -- she told an amusing anecdote about how none of the London-based crew knew who the hell he was and he kept trying to get them to watch Terminator (which hadn't come out in the UK yet) but they wouldn't, and he kept getting no respect. Until they saw what a pro he was. And she seems giddy with their long-lasting working relationship.

Likewise she couldn't have been more excited about Neill Blomkamp -- she totally hilariously side-eyed Ridley Scott's Prometheus 2 film, which has infamously delayed her return to the character of Ripley for a fifth Alien movie with Neill, which she clearly very very very much wants to get to. She also said she's just finished working on a small role in something with Neill which she cannot talk about but which she's very enthusiastic. Seeing as how he's got nothing lined up besides that Alien sequel this is a big question mark!

So all of that section of the Q&A was terrific, but once the questions were turned over to the audience it became a real shit-show. Here are two of the actual questions that were asked last night, I am not making these up at all:

"If there was an Aliens / Star Wars / Star Trek 
crossover movie, would you cameo in it?"
"Why wasn't there an alien in Ghostbusters?"
I mean seriously, people? You've got Sigourney Weaver standing in front of you and this is the nerd barf you expel onto her? Good grief.  She handled it with the professionalism of someone who's clearly been trapped in rooms full of geeks many, many times, with good humor and grace and I hope that Hillary Clinton is paying attention because we've clearly got our Vice Presidential candidate right here.

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