Friday, November 17, 2017

Quote of the Day

Did I mention Call me By Your Name is out in a week? Oh I already did that today? Hmm fascinating. Well I just saw these two pictures of Armie in GQ that weren't included in that first batch I shared, so I had to share them. And I just saw this interview with Timothee in the LA Times that you should read. And I just read a chat with Timmy & Armie in the New York Times, which you also should read. But regarding the latter I have to share the final bit for will-be-clear-in-a-second reasons...

Mr. Hammer recalled another surprising reaction. “Someone mentioned to me: ‘Timothée has to put his hand on your crotch in the movie. How did that feel?’ And I was like, do you ask every woman in a movie how it is to have her ass slapped, or her boobs fondled? It’s that double standard kind of thing.” Mr. Chalamet interjected, “I’ve been very encouraged by the nature of the conversations that I’ve had, and by the lack of questions that are tunnel-visioned in their understanding of sexuality and life and love.” Mr. Hammer said, “Because the reality is, Timmy grabs my crotch all the time.”


Adrian C said...

It has become so obnoxious to come to this blog, and like basically 1 of every 5 posts is about call me by your name. i don't think i'm coming back at least until i see the damn movie.

PS. i am just jealous cause i have been waiting for so long to see it and i have no idea when i will be able to. sad emoji.

Jason Adams said...

Adrian -- I totally get it, I really don't hold it against anybody for feeling that way. I don't know if you were here when Brokeback came out but I think it was even worse than this! Anyway once the movie is out in NYC in a week this will quiet down. There will still be interviews and stuff over the course of the awards season that I will jump on I am sure, but the press for the movie right now is REALLY heavy, and I am enthusiastic, so it's what there is! Come back eventually, I promise it'll be better soon :)

Adrian C said...

I was like 14 when Brokeback came out and only heard about it through a cousin from LA that was visiting (i'm from Mexico), and really only saw it cause she recommended it. I liked it but thought it was too sad (i was probably too young for that movie, and only got to see it with some friends cause there used to be a theater near me that never checked for id). Loved it when i re-watched it years later.

Anyway i discovered this blog a couple of years ago and i find myself coming back at least a couple times every week, so i don't think that will stop. :)

I love that you are giving it so much coverage, and i am annoyed that here this sort of award-films tend to come out near the time the oscars finally air. But they have actually not dated it yet, so still hoping they release it in december! I just don't wanna read anything, even though i have read the book (bought it on kindle the day i read about the movie on this blog last summer, so i have been along for the ride).