Friday, November 17, 2017

5 Off My Head: Scorsese Dames

Top five working director Martin Scorsese is turning 75 today. He's been making movies for almost sixty of those years, as long as you count the shorts - he's at work now on The Irishman, which reunites him with his merry band of usual suspects including most excitingly an out-of-retirement Joe Pesci.

Anyway as excited as I am for The Irishman  I'm kind of sad he's still not paying much attention to actresses (I'm thrilled to see what he gets from Anna Paquin, but it looks like she's just about the only woman with a substantial role in it) so here to celebrate his birthday is a random list of five of my favorite performances from women in his movies. I have a list much much longer (some of them that I love even more than these five, even) but these were literally the first five that popped into my head and I liked the way they looked together.

5 of my Favorite Female Scorsese Performances

Michelle Pfeiffer as Ellen in The Age of Innocence
"Is New York such a labyrinth? I thought it was all straight up and down like Fifth Avenue. All the cross streets numbered and big honest labels on everything."

Juliette Lewis as Danielle in Cape Fear
"If you hold on to the past, you die a little each day..."

Teri Garr as Julie in After Hours
"Hey Paul, do you like my hairdo?"

Sandra Bernhard as Masha in The King of Comedy
"Do you wanna be waiting here till next Shavuos?"

Jodie Foster as Iris in Taxi Driver
"I think that... that Cancers make the best lovers."

Like I said there are a whole bunch more I could've named
so please share your own faves in the comments...


Dame James said...

Winona Ryder in "The Age of Innocence"

That shot close to the end where we realize she may not be quite as dim as we all expected makes the entire film for me.

Jason Adams said...

AGREED! I almost switched out Michelle for her but I have talked about my love of Winona in that movie SO MANY TIMES at this point I just wanted to let Michelle know I think she's special too for a change. In case she needed it today. ;)

pierce said...

My favorite performance by an actress in his films is Ellen Burstyn in Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore.

Scott said...

1. Sandra Bernhard. 2. Michelle Pfeiffer. 3. Liza Minnelli (New York, New York). 4. Miriam Margoyles (Age of Innocence). 5. Not sure - but I bet it could be Burstyn, given her work, generally, but I've never seen Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore.

Anonymous said...

Lorraine Bracco in Goodfellas is soooo good. I also think Jessica Lange is underrated in Cape Fear.


Rob said...

Love all of these, especially Sandra. No dust on her performance.

I’d for sure have Stone in Casino in my Top 5 - I wish she was her entire movie - but can’t complain at any of these either.