Friday, October 20, 2017

Rise With Radcliffe

I had no idea until director Greg McLean just tweeted this - his new movie, the survival drama Jungle starring Daniel Radcliffe and Thomas Kretschmann and Alex Russell that we've told you about several times (watch the trailer here), is out on demand here in the US today! Here's a link to the Apple Store, which is the only one I can find - that will open iTunes, so be prepared for that. Anyway I should've been paying more attention - McLean's been posting links to reviews of the film all week long and somehow I missed all of that noise. I hope it's good - I liked McLean's last movie (the nihilist corporate melee of The Belko Experiment) quite a bit so it'd be nice to have him on an upswing.


Anonymous said...

Already caps!

Aquinas1220 said...

Daniel seems so teeny tiny in that pic

Anonymous said...

Daniel certainly is a diminutive little person, isn't he?