Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Who Will Survive, And Will They Be Hot?

Today's turning out to be a real banner "Alex Russell" day - we just reminisced about that time Alex made out with Sullivan Stapleton in Cut Snake on as we wished the latter a happy 40th birthday, and now here we've got a great big fancy movie trailer starring him and Harry Potter to share! And not just that - it was directed by Greg McLean, the director of Wolf Creek and The Belko Experiment.

The film is called Jungle and we previously told you about it right here - it is based on the true story (aka this dude's book) of four backpackers who got lost in the South American jungle and face down all manner of natural foes - the shot of the spider was the moment I squicked out; let's see how long y'all can last!
To answer this post's title I don't think all the characters are surviving - an awful lot of folks seem to disappear as the story progresses! - but they all stay hot here, at least. Phew. Anyway the film is premiering at the Melbourne International Film Festival in August and will presumably flap its wings across the ocean our way some time after that - this doesn't seem like the sort of project we need to worry about not making its way over, with a cast like it has. (thanks Glenn!) Oh and it also stars Thomas Kretschmann, in case that wasn't already enough sweaty sexiness to go around.

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mtmslg said...

I was 'squicked out' by Radcliffe's neck-beard! I'm itchy just thinking about it!