Sunday, October 15, 2017

NYFF Diaries: Day 19

Well the 2017 edition of the New York Film Festival ends today, and I am off to my final screening tonight. This isn't the end of my writing about the festival - I still have a reviews to write, both here and over at The Film Experience too - but we're only seeing one more and it might look a little bit familiar...
October 15th

That's right! I'm seeing it again! If you've been paying attention you knew this already, I haven't shut up about it, but I certainly don't hold not keeping track of my craziness against anybody. (I mean how exhausting!) Anyway this is my third time with the movie - it screened for critics on October 3rd and as soon as I got back to my office from that screening an emotional outburst shook me and I spilled out a tale of old love and loss of my own

That piece (as well-received as it was) didn't actually talk about the movie itself that much though, so the next morning I sat down and shared a list of thoughts about the movie specifically. And then luck struck and I was given a ticket to see a public screening of the film, with Luca Guadagnino & Armie Hammer & Timothée Chalamet & Michael Stuhlbarg & the book's author Andre Aciman all in attendance - I posted pictures and video of that right here, with a few additional thoughts.

In the week and a half since then I have... been unrelenting about the movie. Click through our archive to see that but if you've been here at any point in the month of October, you know. YOU KNOW. And so tonight I see it a third time. (Bonus: I'll have my boyfriend with me this time, which probably means I will weep even harder.) So basically what I am saying is... you should steel yourselves for another week of unrelenting CMBYN coverage. And until then...

... LATER!

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