Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Julian Morris Is Going Gay For Us

Julian Morris has done much much much much much much hotter photo-shoots before (this shot's a personal fave) than this one for 1883 Magazine is (I'm not really sure about those bangs if I'm being honest) but it's not like I'd toss him in the bin or anything - he still looks like a wet dream come true. But mostly I just wanted to share a bit from the interview attached the shoot:

1884: So 2017 is going to be a big year for you. You’ve got a film coming out, and you’ve got Man in An Orange Shirt with on the BBC. Tell me about that. 

Julian:  I’m really excited about it. It was the first opportunity I had for filming in London -- the city I grew up in, so that in itself was incredibly exciting. And it was with Vanessa Redgrave, who was phenomenal, and she was every bit as challenging and exciting and wonderful as I hoped that she would be. And then you have this material -- this searing, strong, deeply moving material -- that looks at the life of a gay man and, I think, at probably what’s true for many gay men and minorities, where you may be in a society that is welcoming of you, supposedly, but the shame that you grew up with becomes its own form of oppression. And I think that’s the worst kind of oppression, when it’s self-imposed oppression.

He goes on to say it's "a beautiful love story at its core" so hopefully it won't be all Oppression Olympics, but still, Julian playing gay, huzzah! The series tells two stories, one set in the 40s and one in the present day, and get this - the 40s half stars fur-monster Oliver Jackson-Cohen (wheeee) opposite James McArdle (he's on-stage opposite Russell Tovey and Andrew Garfield in Angels in America right now - see pics right here). Now that's a sturdy looking pair.

And hey I see a man in an orange shirt! You can read more about the plot right here - sadly the other link I found about the series is this one that says they toned down the sexiness when they shifted the series from BBC2 to BBC1, which has me hoping for an uncensored edition playing here in the States eventually. Not sure when that'll be - I can't even find info on when it'll air in the UK yet. But we'll keep our eyes peeled! Until then hit the jump for eight more shots of our Julian...


MTMSLG said...

I endured two seasons of Amazon's crazy Hand of God just to wallow in the loveliness of Julian Morris as a crooked preacher man.

Rafs said...

Julian is gay, so he isn't just "going gay for us".

Krandall said...

And most important, he is a rarely gifted artist AND a lovely human being. What better PR could our community ask for in a world so full of hate these days? Months. Years. Centuries. Hopefully some will live to see the back of all that. (And of Julian Morris--if only on film.)