Monday, September 23, 2013

Julian Morris Two More Times

This most excellent photo-shoot of this dude just keeps on keeping on, doesn't it? I think I might actually have to go old-school and get my hands on a physical copy of it. I waited all weekend for better quality copies of these two images to surface, but they haven't yet, and my patience done died. See more here and especially here.


Anonymous said...

Wait where did you get these two pics from?....these Julian Morris pictures are the gift that keep on giving and i'm not complaining but where did these last two come from? wow the one with him and the jeans half way!!!! :-D. I can't wait for the actual magazine ones

Jason Adams said...

These came from this Tumblr, which doesn't source them

Anonymous said...

Oh okay thanks, your right can't wait till the real ones come out better quality .My goodness JA, wow these Wonderland, Julian Morris pics are the gift that keeps on giving its been like what over ten days over two weeks & yet wow!!! hes so beautiful, its just a shame he isn't more known here , I mean of course Pretty Little Liars, but he is way better looking in a subtle way than half of the popular actors today , wow butt no pun intended he has it he should flaunt it , I wonder why he was so willing to pose naked? i'm not complaining , more male celebs should do stuff like that, & he has model looks, but yeah more people should do stuff like that.

Anonymous said...
Enjoy ;)

Craig Buntin said...

Julian needs to go all the way and show his cock. He kind of did a full-frontal in "Donkey Punch" several years back, but it was so dark you can't make much out.

He was supposed to do a full-frontal in "Kelly & Victor", his new film, but I've heard he doesn't go all the way there either.