Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Haunting of Michiel Huisman

I love the thought of hirsute Dutch beauty Michiel Huisman being our latest Scream Queen, don't you? Last year the Game of Thrones hunk starred in Karyn Kusama's fantabulous film The Invitation (which gave me many a tossing turning night) and his chest co-starred opposite Blake Lively (which is its own sort of nightmare) and now he's signed up to lead the cast of the new House on Haunted Hill adaptation that Netflix is putting on. 

We already told you about this project back in April when it was announced but let us now recap -- Shirley Jackson's classic book (about a group of psychically sensitive folks camping out in a thought haunted manse) is being turned into a ten-hour series for the streamer by director Mike Flanagan. Flanagan previously made the Ouija sequel, which was totally shockingly decent, and before this series is out he'll have released his film version of Stephen King's marvelously scary book Gerald's Game with the ace perfect casting of Carla Gugino in its lead.

Michiel is the first cast-member that's been announced - I believe he's playing the role that Russ Tamblyn played in the great 1963 film and that Owen Wilson played in the 1999 abortion, although they've changed the character's name. (I mean just look at the color schemes in those two pictures above to judge which movie worked and which one didn't.) The character is the remaining heir of the house who is behind bringing everybody in to see just how haunted it is. And I guess we'll have to wait and see if they knock his head off in the fireplace this time or not...

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