Friday, May 05, 2017

Pics of the Day

Angels in America is too important (and prickly and uncomfortable, for that matter) a work of art to be reduced to just an opportunity to ogle the actors acting therein (although I sure have worked hard at it with Patrick Wilson in the film version, over and over and over again) and so I share these pictures of Andrew Garfield and Russell Tovey and James McArdle in the London production in the spirit of... you know, Art. 

I mean what else do you want me to say - it's not like anybody's flying me to London to go see the show, so these pictures (you can see a lot more over here) and a few reviews are all I've got. Okay okay that's not entirely true -- I'm going to see the show when it's broadcast live here in the US in July. Until then these pictures will keep me warm like Magical Mormon Underpants.

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