Thursday, June 01, 2017

A Man Worth Sinning With

It's Dominic Cooper's birthday tomorrow and since we won't be online we're wishing him a good one today, dammit. Feel free to wander back through our extensive (and I do mean extensive) archives for the actor - we've been singing of his glory longer and more emphatically than anywhere. Preacher's back on June 19th for its second season and we're looking forward to it  for more goofy gory antics and hopefully more extensive scenes of Dom in his underpants as well. You can see some new images from the show right here.

(click that to embiggen for all the fun little details, and thanks Mac) In other Dom news his Dracula Untold co-star Luke Evans posted a behind-the-scenes shot from that movie last week of the two of them to celebrate the anniversary of Bram Stoker's book (hey we were also talking about that last week, what a coincidence) and so we'll just go ahead and ask...


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