Thursday, June 30, 2016

Dominic Cooper Shows Me His Religion

Finally, Preacher! I have seen the light! I'll never complain about the show again, I swear it. This is the equivalent of Dominic Cooper's character whispering his devlishly delicious obedience in my ear - Zombie Jason reporting for bidding. This is from from a clip from this weekend's new episode -- watch it here:

That's the terrific Joseph Gilgun, who plays Cassidy, beside him -- naturally I capped the ever-living hell-on-earth out of this clip, so much so that I only focused in on all the Dom shots, but don't let that convince you I don't crush on Gilgun too; it just would've taken me another hour to make gifs from every single shot instead of every other shot, and I wanted to get this posted. So hit the jump for nearly seventy (yes seventy) shots of holy man hotness...


jim said...

You must be exhausted after all that "capping" !!!

Mattia Nuzzo said...

You do God's work.

Hoolagan said...

Dominic Cooper is absolutely GORGEOUS!