Thursday, June 01, 2017

Let Us Ignore...

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... the news that Netflix has canceled Sense8 and just watch this video of Miguel Angel Silvestre boxing for twenty seconds, because everything is terrible except for that. Dammit. I've always thought that save the hotness the show was a mixed bag, but it had really truly and finally discovered "plot" in its second season and the damn thing ended on a cliffhanger! Why you fucking with us, Netflix?


Anonymous said...

Because they were the first ones to fuck with us, i mean the Sense8 team, yeah good for them they decided to give us a plot after two seasons, i am so relieved i will not have to suffer through another season just forwarding to all the undeniable hotness

mtmslg said...

I will miss Sense8, it was beautiful and sexy and addictive. But c'mon Netflix, the least you can do is produce a wrap-up movie!

Anonymous said...

Helpful tip for television shows, which applies past, present, and future: always write your season finale to function as a series finale if necessary, and with room to continue to plot if necessary.

A perfect example of this is Buffy. Every season ended with a note of resolution that would have worked as a finale, even if they each left a few dangling threads.

Forever1267 said...

I just got into this show, so am disappointed, but still have all of Season 2 to enjoy.

And Miguel Angel Silvestre is just one of the most beautiful men I have ever laid eyes on.