Thursday, April 13, 2017

Good Morning, World

The past couple of days have turned into The Chris Messina Show here at MNPP - okay so two mentions, once here on the site proper and one on Twitter, maybe don't make for a full "Show" but believe me if you're only seeing two mentions above-board then there is a load of behind-the-scenes wrangling with the subject, and I've been mentally wrangling, so to speak, with Chris a bunch.

So besides the news that Chris will be looking his best for Jean-Marc Vallee very soon he's got a new movie out on demand right now - it's called The Sweet Life and it stars Chris and Abagail Spencer (who you'll probably recognize from Mad Men or Rectify or True Detective) as a pair of depressives who make a cross-country trip together in order to throw themselves off the Golden Gate Bridge. I don't want to ruin it for you but I think they might find, psst, LOVE instead.

Anyway the most important thing about this movie (well besides the fact that it was directed by the director of Leprechaun in the Hood, natch) is that Chris once again proves he's a kind brave man willing to whip his naked self out (see previously) (and previously) (and previously) for any project, any project at all, and right now if you hit the jump you'll see what I mean...


jim said...

LOVING these Chris Messina posts!!! Don't ever stop!

orag said...

Is anyone hotter than Messina?