Monday, August 31, 2015

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Mattie: I think that one of the grossest things in the world is
somebody else eating banana. It's the way it smells & it sounds.
And I love you, but it's gross.
Eww, ugh, oh god, I just saw it inside your mouth.
James: You still wanna take a shower with me?
Mattie: Yes I still wanna take a shower with you,
just get the smell of banana off of you.
I like bananas! When I eat them.
James: [gargles with water]
Mattie: You're just gargling banana.
A happy 34 to writer director actor slash everything Joe Swanberg today! He is a high holy man because he gave Greta Gerwig her first great roles and while I'm wary of handing too much credit over to him (she clearly had lots to do with her own success!) (plus there's whatever falling-out that apparently occurred between the two of them) we should still be thankful for that fact. Plus he is himself talented and adorkable...

... and he's also attached to lots of horror movies in one way or another (the V/H/S films and The Sacrament, and You're Next most importantly) and... oh right he just got Chris Messina to go full-frontal (again) in his latest movie, Digging For Fire. Go ahead and hit the jump for the NSFW shots...


Glenn said...

He said that he and Greta had a falling out during the making of NIGHTS & WEEKENDS (which she co-directed), but that he wouldn't discuss it out of respect. However, the second half of the film was actually filmed like six months later after their falling out so it was a strange shoot. Apparently. According to him. I wasn't there. But I was at the Q&A.

Unknown said...

A Swanberg post without footage of his jerkoff scenes or that scene in "Blackmail Boys" where he let another dude jerk him off?