Thursday, January 05, 2017

Things That Go Bump in the New Year

In case you missed the trailer for The Belko Experiment I posted it back in December - this is the upcoming horror flick written by James Gunn and directed by Greg fuckin' McLean about an office building going full Lord of the Flies. That is the brand new poster above, showcasing gore and men's butts like all good things do.

And while you're at it you should also check out this list of 2017's most promising horror offerings that Vulture just dropped - Belko's on there, the Suspiria remake's on there, Personal Shopper's on there (read my review of that Assayas right here), but besides the stuff we knew about they've got word on a bunch we didn't know about too. Like a movie starring Melanie Lynskey & Elijah Wood!

Oh fuck yes I am so there for this. The movie's called I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore and it's premiering at Sundance, you can read the plot description at their website - Lynskey plays a woman fed up with the world pushed over the edge when her home is burgled; Elijah Wood is her weirdo next-door neighbor who helps her dive into an investigation to find the culprits that apparently goes very, very wrong. SIGN ME UP YESTERDAY.

Several other projects that Vulture list are new to my ears so definitely check out their list - I also gotta highlight the one called Housewife, which is coming from Turkish director Can Evrenol, who made the exceedingly fucked-up film Baskin (read my review right here) - he promises this one to be just as fucked up but starring a woman this time, and it will be his homage to 80s Italian Maestros Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci. I smell some splatter!

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