Thursday, December 01, 2016

Come Experiment With Me

Gosh look how adorable John Gallagher Jr is looking in The Belko Experiment, you guys. Every office has that underestimatedly cute dude (see also: both Martin Freeman and John Krasinski in the two versions of The Office) and John's fitting the requisite ill-fitting suit and unkempt scruff to a tee.

Anyway if you're all "The Belko What-oh?" let me refresh your brains - The Belko Experiment was written by James "Guardians of the Galaxy but more importantly Slither" Gunn and it was directed by no less than Greg "Wolf Creek but more importantly Wolf Creek" McLean and it's kind of Cube meets Cabin in the Woods meets Severence meets The Stanford Prison Experiment meets High-Rise meets et cetera. It's got a great cast of under-used talent - faces you know but names you might not, like Gallagher Jr and like Tony Goldwyn, like John C. McGinley, like Michael Rooker and David Dastmalchian...

... who share a weirdly intimate moment in the trailer that has my mind going places... and like Melonie Diaz, and I love love love Melonie Diaz you guys. Psyched she's in this. 

Belko isn't out until March 17th of next year so we've got a bit of a wait but I am digging the trailer and I am really really hoping that this represents a step back in the correct career direction for Greg McLean, whose last movie was eye-gougingly terrible. Let's wash the stink off with this!
Bonus: Here's Tony Goldwyn looking typically sharp:

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