Friday, November 04, 2016

Holy Motor Mouths

I've been meaning to do a link round-up all week and this story almost made it into that but I suddenly just decided it's too important to lose amid other stuff, so a post all yer own, news-story -- Adam Driver (pictured here) and Rooney Mara (not pictured here, but I bet you're picturing her in your head while you're reading this) are teaming up to star in a musical called Annette from French crazy-person Leos Cara, the man who made Mauvais Sang and The Lovers on the Bridge but you're probably most familiar with his last work, 2012's brilliant bug-fuck Holy Motors

One wonders if it was that brilliant stretch in Motors' middle with Kylie Minogue and the accordions that convinced him to go all out the next time around, but whatever it was, lucky fucking us.

If you're keeping track this is actually the second out-of-the-mainstream musical that Rooney has signed up for in the past month or so - she's also supposed to make Vox Lux with director Brady Corbet and co-starring Jude Law, which we posted about right here. Girl wants to SING!!! As for Adam - have we heard him sing in anything before? I'm drawing a blank. I know we've seen him mean-spiritedly jerk off several times but sing? That I can't recall.

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Anonymous said...

Adam sang in Inside Lewin Davis