Thursday, September 08, 2016

Which Is Hotter?

(pics via) Thomas Kretschmann works a lot - he's got seven projects in production right this minute - but most of it scoots on by me, unseen, unless it's his don't-blink role in the Captain America saga or something of that ilk. Still I keep my eyes peeled for him because well you know why. He does have two projects coming up that've caught my attention - he is the bad guy (big shock, I know) opposite Dominic Cooper in Stratton (sadly the trailer for this movie turned out to be terrible), and he's starring opposite Daniel Radcliffe & Alex Russell in Greg McLean's film Jungle, which I told you about right here. (We're trying to forget the last Greg McLean movie right now, and be hopeful.) 

So anyway perhaps we'll still get a good fix of Kretch comin' up. But for today, which is his 54th birthday, we look back at two of his roles we've looked at a billion times - where we first saw him (King Kong) and where we fell in lust with him (The Stendhal Syndrome)...


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