Monday, September 29, 2008

Anatomy IN A Scene

I finally got around to seeing Dario Argento's The Stendhal Syndrome (1996) this weekend. Why was this an Argento flick that I felt especially inadequate for having missed so far? Because I knew one thing and one thing only about the movie: the (seriously freaky) villain was played by one Thomas Kretschmann, aka my latest die-hard obsession. And man... TK did not disappoint. The film around him was awfully flimsy, and unfortunately he only had a couple of scenes (Asia Argento is the lead). Also, as you'll see below, all Kretschmann's scenes were really really dark (I lightened the frames up a bit when necessary, aka when his pants were falling off). But TK was, as usual, impossible to look away from. He doesn't even show off that much skin here. But... it's enough.

It's also best, if you haven't seen the movie, that I leave such things as "context" and "plot" out of what's actually going on here, because... well, to know is to find yourself disturbed. But devoid of knowing what the hell is happening, and just looking at the pretty that is Thomas Kretschmann... well that's enough, no?



scroggins said...

He looks fucking disturbing in that.

Jason Adams said...

Disturbingly sexy!

Which is my favorite sort.

Ross said...

He's totally hot in this, but Rohtenburg still takes the cake for disturbing.