Thursday, September 22, 2016

Twice Anseled

I don't entirely get Ansel Elgort but I guess I don't need to - we all had our baby-faced bad-boy pin-ups when we were younger and he's just the latest model, all fresh-faced pillowy-lips set against a gold-chain's worth of sass. Anyway I already came to terms with him when he got cast as the lead in Edgar Wright's next movie Baby Driver (read about that way back here - shouldn't that damn thing be done and out already?) so I don't know what I'm bringing that ambivalence up for again. I just hope he can channel some of the charm onto the screen that he must channel off-screen and/or in a room with studio executives, is all. 

So anyway Ansel's got a new project, just announced, and I can already tell you I'll probably end up posting about it a bunch because I'm a sucker for the chance to project twincest -- he's going to play twin brothers! The movie is called Jonathan and here's how Variety describes it..

"Elgort will portray Jonathan and his twin brother John, who have agreed to not have girlfriends. Jonathan is a successful architect while John sleeps all day and spends the night socializing and starting to fall in love with a woman. Jonathan forces John to end the relationship, and then starts a new relationship with the woman himself."

The film also co-stars Patty Clarkson, but I doubt it'll be cool enough for her to be the woman caught in the middle of the two boy-twins. But maybe? Nah. Anyway I think beyond believing Ansel as two totally different people the biggest leap for me might be believing him as a "successful architect." Maybe a "successful architecture student." But a grown-up? That's asking a lot of us.  

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