Thursday, September 22, 2016

As For We Forgive Those Who

I know that Michael Fassbender's new movie (yes, another new movie from Michael Fassbender - there's thankfully always one right around the corner!) Trespass Against Us screened in Toronto the other week but I avoided reviews - the only word I half-saw attached to it was "disappointing" but I know people who thought Slow West was disappointing (which is certainly was not) so I've come to distrust "people" in general. Unless they're Fassy!

He delivers. (Speaking of: Shot of him half-naked getting bent over by a policeman? Check.) Anyway Trespass Against Us is from a relatively new director and co-stars the grrrrrreat (say that in your best Tony the Tiger voice along with me) Brendan Gleeson and also Sean Harris, who I probably shouldn't find so sexy, but...

... I do. I cannot help myself. Remember that time 
his helmet melted onto his face in Prometheus? Sexy!

(Actually that scene nearly gave me a panic attack in the theater, but whatever.) Anyway the point is here's the trailer for Trespass Against Us. Watch it or don't watch it or go stick an alien slug down your throat, it ain't my business.
This movie's out on DirectTV on November 24th
and then will hit some theaters after that.


The Bad-Ass Penguin said...

oh no.. you're totes ok with finding Sean Harris sexy because 1) Ginger 2) English 3) shows off his gingery English bits in The Borgias where he played a sexy ginger Italian closeted assassin.

Unknown said...

My favorite cut-to-the-point-of-scrawniness actor.