Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Moment I Fell For... Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Abernathy: Listen to this, the Circle A clerk has this month's issue of Italian Vogue.
Lee: No way!
Abernathy: Way.
Lee: I can't believe a fucking Circle A clerk carries Italian Vogue.
Abernathy: It doesn't. It's his own personal copy. He'll let it go for 27 bucks.
Lee: [scoffs] 27 bucks?
Abernathy: What the fuck do you care? We're talking about fucking per diem here. We found an issue of Italian Vogue in Lebanon, Tennessee. We're lucky he's not asking for fuckin' Krugerrands. I'm getting it, and we're splitting it three ways.
Lee: What? Me, you, and Kim?
Abernathy: No. Kim doesn't give a shit about Italian Vogue. But Brandy will come in with us, and if she won't, Tyson, her assistant, will.
Lee: Okay, but if anyone tears out any sheets that I want, you gotta make color Xerox copies of those pages, and I'm not talkin' fuckin' Kinko's here either. You take it to the art department and have them do it fucking right.

I was tempted to choose her role in Final Destination 3 but that would probably be cheating the timeline and projecting my love for her backwards onto that film - don't get me wrong, she's perfectly serviceable as the vision-haver lead of the third entry in my favorite horror franchise, and now that I really love her watching her in that film is a treat, but I can't say that I fell for her while watching that movie way back when. 

Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof one year later though, that's another ball o' wax. Her role's much smaller than Rosario Dawson, who earned her own spot in my "The Moment I Fell For" series for this same film (man I miss being able to enjoy Rosario Dawson; I can't wait for this election year to end already), but just as delightful. I can't recall if the above scene about the Vogue magazine takes place in just the full-length Death Proof film or if it made both that and the Grindhouse cut though - anybody know?

Anyway she's fun and memorable in the gratuitous cheerleader role (I especially love how her character gets left behind with the terrifying hick in exchange for the car and we never find out what happened to her - I smell sequel!) (God I wish) and she's only become more fun and more memorable with every passing year. I cannot wait to see what she gets to do in Fargo!

What's your favorite MEW?


The Bloody Munchkin said...

Uhm, I don't know what this says about me, but It's Sky High. ....I know, but here me out. The most popular girl in school turns out to be a villainous loser from years ago? Girlfriend sold it. I loved to hate her which meant I loved her again because she couldn't figure out how to buckle a supervillain car seat. Bless her.

"I went through puberty twice for this!!!" Sold

JA said...

I've never seen Sky High, but I love that your love goes back so far! She's been around for far longer than I even realized - as I scanned through her IMDb page I tried to remember her role in The Ring 2 but I can't remember anything about that movie except Sissy Spacek acting nutty and some deer attacking a car.

CongoCongaCam said...

Sky High is really a fun and well-done movie ('specially for ex-comic book geeks) and MEW is really excellent in it! I agree about Rosario and this election year...blah

Anonymous said...

You can't even see her face in Ring 2. She plays Samara's mother in her youth, if I remember right. I've adored her since FD3. It looks like the world is finally ready to accept how amazing an actress she is.

Ren said...

She was the first Jessica on Passions...