Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Down Under With Clive & Riccardo & Co.

This news is actually much more about the female talent involved than it is about Clive Owen -- I love Clive! But what females! -- yet I'm still illustrating it with Clive (pics via, thx Mac) because my brand. Anyway a new movie called Andorra is being made by the Aussie director Fred Schepisi (he made A Cry in the Dark and Roxanne, among others) and it's about, and I quote, "an American who settles in the tiny country of Andorra [and] meets an Australian couple and unsettles the other natives when he becomes linked to a dead body floating in the harbor." It's based on this book.

Anyway let's get to those ladies -- also in the film are Gillian Anderson & Toni Collette & Joanna Lumley! How's that for a threesome? The funny thing is that plot description reminded me of Toni Collette's 2004 film Japanese Story for some reason all on its own, and there she is. (And man have I got to re-watch Japanese Story soon, right?) Also in the film is Riccardo Scamarcio let's get a load of him:

I thought he seemed familiar and he is - he played Pasolini's boy-toy Ninetto Davoli (see lots of Ninetto Davoli at this link) in the movie with Willem Dafoe; he was also in an episode of London Spy, IMDb says, as "Doppelganger" but I can't remember that. But god what a head of hair...

... among other attributes, obviously. 

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Jonathan said...

How have you not seen Loose Cannons? All I really remember is that Riccardo was very dreamy in it. Those eyes!!