Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Do Dump or Marry: Diurnal Animals

Admittedly "diurnal" is an awful-sounding word but it is the opposite of "Nocturnal" and since that new picture (via; click to embiggen) of Tom Ford & Jake Gyllenhaal & Michael Shannon on the set of Nocturnal Animals was actually taken in the daytime... oh, you get it. Whatever. My point is you should tell me in the comments which out those three you'd Do just the one time, which of those three you'd Dump in a dumpster, and which of those three you'd Marry like forever and ever, no divorces allowed. So do that, and just stop side-eyeing my word choices please. It's unbecoming.


Anonymous said...

In this dreamland where all three are clamouring for me, my selections would go:

Do just one time - Michael Shannon. He is always both a strange mix of unnerving and compelling, and I'd like to see how that plays out once to satisfy my curiosity.

Marry - Tom Ford, because he clearly knows how to stay married, he's hot, plus I get fabulous clothes for life.

Dump - as much as I love Jake, that's where he goes. I'm not curious enough about his potential prowess, and he doesn't have the track record for longevity that Ford has, so to the dumpster he goes.

An Aberrant Jake Gyllenhaal Fan

billybil said...

Well, since I'm still such a sucker (tee hee) for beauty, I'll have to marry Jake (although I worry he's not going to be a long lasting partner - too searching)

I think I'll do Mr. Shannon the one time - curiosity and I'm sure he's sexy.

Sorry - Mr. Ford has always seemed a bit too groomed for me - a bit too preoccupied with surfaces (although his movies do seem to belie this) but, at this point, I'd still dump him.

The Bloody Munchkin said...

Dump Shannon (Sorry Shannon)
Do Ford, though I know he'd never go for me....
And you know the rest.

Anonymous said...

Marry Tom Ford and live a life of fabulousness
Do Shannon as he's sexy and not showy
Dump that horse-face Jake for sure

tanpoffel said...

I want to swap Michael Shannon for Aaron Taylor-Johnson because, well, he's also in this movie and some of his scenes are surely in the daytime? Right?

brotherfrancis said...

Oh, dear.... No it's really pretty easy for me:

Do - Tom Ford
Dump - Michael Shannon
Marry - Jake Gyllenhall. I mean, come on, he'd be a fabulous person to spend your life with.

Do Marry Jake said...

Kyle BuchananVerified account
Tom Ford asked me if I wrote that tweet about Jake Gyllenhaal's hairy chest and said, "I'll get Jake to show you his bush sometime." RIP me

Anonymous said...

Marry Jake because HELL YES!
Do Michael because he's hot in a creative, passionate, daring kind of way
Dump Tom because I don't like pretty boys


zaenal said...

Do: Jakey
Dump: Shannon
Marry: Ford. *kiss kiss*

I wait. And I wait. To make a new start. A new beginning. But it feels like the end. said...

"he doesn't have the track record for longevity that Ford has"

Yet Ford admires his perseverance. Hence Ford gave him a chance, for one long Fuck You to an ex. (First referred to as "great love". Then "soulmate" many times during the junket outside official presser.) Plus Amy gets an unique showcase in the process.

Longevity takes two. And a lotta people between/around you. And a lotta work on rebuilding you and your life.

My aberrant answer: All 3 are way high maintenance.