Thursday, September 18, 2014

Alexander Koch Three Times

I had to stop watching Under the Dome because it was making me crazy, literally crazy, every time I watched it, it is so so so dumb. I actually got so angry in the middle of an episode that I figured out a way to violently remove a subscription from my DVR, which is not an easy task. But I did it! Violently! And if you have any idea how much I love Mike Vogel, and love watching Mike Vogel run around in blue jeans, then you know what a sacrifice this was, and how hard it was for me to do it. But enough was enough. Fucking space eggs and butterflies and bullshit.

Anyway Alexander Koch (previously gratuitized here) is a pretty pretty block of wood - you know who he reminds me of? Pier Paolo Pasolini's under-age boyfriend Ninetto Davoli (see more of him here).

Ninetto was also kind of a pretty block of wood, honestly. I'm seeing Abel Ferrara's Pasolini bio-pic next week and I wonder if the dude they did cast (Riccardo Scamarcio) as Ninetto will be any better. Don't emote too realistically, Riccardo!

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