Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I Am Link

--- Red Beard - It's a great week for ginger beard lovers (every week is a good week for ginger beard lovers because ginger beards are worth loving) because not only did (Game of Thrones spoiler!) Tormund make it out of the "Battle of the Bastards" in mostly one piece, but the furry beauty who plays him, Kristofer Hivju, has just been cast in the Justice League movie! I mean I kind of don't give a shit about the Justice League movie after the Batman v Superman disaster, but the fact that Kristofer has been cast as a F.O.A. (Friend of Aquaman) gives me hope him and his beard will be wet and sexy a bunch. In related news here's a terrific interview with Hivju on the subject of Thrones and his eye-fluttering one-sided romance with Brienne.

--- Lynch Mobbed - Did you guys hear about David Lynch's music festival? It's not just music, although the presence of St Vincent alone is manna enough, but all kinds of entertainment - I mean, Laura Dern will be giving a talk! Where else in the world is Laura Dern giving a talk a featured event? Besides my living-room every night where I pretend the pillow on my couch is Laura Dern aka my bestie forever, that is. 
--- Mannequin Romance - While I'm incredibly frustrated with myself that I didn't personally participate in this week's edition of "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" over at The Film Experience, which tackled Rainer Werner Fassbinder's magnificent 1972 film The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant (one of my favorite films of all time yo) I am pretty pleased with the gift of several pieces documenting the beauty of the film, so a big bewigged thanks to Nathaniel & Co. for hitting up the movie.

--- Goddamn Grace - We knew back in May that Sarah Polley was planning on making her adaptation of Margaret Atwood's book Alias Grace this year (and before that we knew four years ago she was working on the project) but the project has just somehow gotten even awesomer, because American Psycho director Mary Harron has just signed on to direct the whole damn thing! Netflix has the rights to the series, which will be six hours. Now we just have to wait and see what awesome woman they get to star. Do we think Polley might play the lead herself?

---  Spider Beasts - Abraham Attah was so good in Cary Fukunaga's Beasts of No Nation so reading today that he's gotten a gig in the new Spider-man movie is welcome news. No word on who he's playing but my guess is he's a classmate of Tom Holland's Peter Parker, given their age similarity. There are a refreshing number of people of color in the film's cast now - I mean, it is a high school in Queens we're talking about here, it only makes sense! Oh and if you wanna see Holland on set JJ has some pictures. He looks so young, you guys, I gotta try to curb the dirty thoughts this time around. No Spider-bum for us!

--- Giant Read - I've been shit about keeping up with news on Steven Spielberg's film The BFG, which is nonsensical given its one of my favorite directors (shut up, haters) tackling one of my favorite books from my childhood. Anyway the movie's out a week from Friday and there's a really very substantial interview with Spielberg on the film over at Wired that you should read if you give a shit.

--- And Finally earlier I told you, expressed through the gyrations of Ryan Guzman's jockstrap more than in actual words, that Richard Linklater's flick Everybody Wants Some has finally arrived online for your viewing pleasure - well EW has even more for us in the form of a deleted scene that's just chock-full of Tyler Hoechlin in tighty-whities action. Gayest Movie Ever.



Kurt said...

"Gayest Movie Ever."

Is this a joke?

Jason Adams said...

Calling it a joke is a stretch since it's not especially funny, but I was not being straight (ha) forward, no.