Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Everything's Coming Up Atwood

It's a good time to be Margaret Atwood and/or a fan of Margaret Atwood - it seems like every couple of months we get new news on an adaptation of her work, but the past couple of weeks have been especially stacked with eye-popping announcements. We'd just heard that a ten-episode miniseries of her most famous book, The Handmaid's Tale, is being produced by Hulu starring Elizabeth Moss. 

And now - and now! - comes word that Sarah Polley is finally getting her adaptation of Alias Grace off the ground and it will film this summer! She's been attached to this project since 2012 but it appears to finally be happening. I've actually never read Alias Grace, have any of you? I guess it's about a real-life murder from the 1860s involving a man and his mistress being murdered by the man's teenage servants.

All of this news has got me wondering what the status of Darren Aronofsky's adaption for HBO of the MaddAddam books (starting with the brilliant Oryx & Crake) is -- we haven't heard anything about that since 2014. That should still be made, please and thank you!

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Anonymous said...

I normally loathe Margaret Atwood's writing, but Alias Grace along with The Handmaid's Tale are the only two books of hers I've liked immensely, despite having read a fair amount of them being involved in Canadian publishing, where not reading Atwood is like NOT saying 'sorry' when you bump into someone even if it's the other person's fault, or saying that hockey should be banned.

So I'm excited that it's these two books, and that it's Sarah Polley, who is awesome in too many ways to count.