Thursday, May 26, 2016

Jake Gyllenhaal is Getting Busy

This always happens with Jake - it will be quiet for a long while and then suddenly, all within a couple of days, the dam will break and a bunch of stuff will be announced and then he'll go back into publicity hiding again. Earlier today I shared his skit from the new episode of Amy Schumer and the news that he's doing a one-night show. 

But I should've waited a couple hours, because now even bigger news! He's re-teaming with director Denis Villeneuve (they made the great Enemy and the good Prisoners together) on The Son. It's an adaptation of a book by Norwegian writer Jo Nesbo (who has a different book being turned into a movie starring Michael Fassbender right now, the lucky so n' so) about a "once promising wrestler" whose life goes into a drug-addled downward-spiral after the death of his father - the story finds the dude finding out his father's death was not what he thought it was, and seeking vengeance.

Villeneuve is working on the Blade Runner sequel right now and will do this once that's done. Jake just finished shooting the Boston Bombing film Stronger and is currently shooting that movie with Snowpiercer director Bong Joon-ho and Tilda Swinton; after that he's making that space-station film with Ryan Reynolds. And he's also got that Tom Ford movie in the can. Good stuff to look forward to!

ETA See, this is what I'm talking about --  more Jake news! "That Tom Ford movie" that I just mentioned has just gotten a release date - it will come out in November. Specifically it is getting "an exclusive engagement" (whatever the hell that means)on November 18th, and it will widen over the next week up through Thanksgiving. I smell Oscars for everybody.

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