Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sunday in the Park with Jakey

Don't ask me why our favorite Gyllenhaalic Gallery Site IHJM just uploaded several never-before-seen shots of Jake in his bike-shorts from a full ten years ago (remember when he was hanging out with Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey all the time? Yeah these are from then), but I sure as shit ain't...

... complainin'. These are fine memories to be reminded of.
We were so young and so full of life then.

Anyway in other Jake news I assume that those of you who care about such things saw that he is set to perform another gay ol' time for Broadway this Fall - he's doing a Sondheim show, Sunday in the Park With George, for a one night event a la his Little Shop of Horrors last year.

I went to Little Shop (and loved it) but I decided at the very last second to skip this new one - I even had tickets in my cart for it and everything, but I balked at the price just before clicking purchase. If I hadn't just spent a bunch of money on several Broadway shows in a row I might've played it differently, but I don't even seem to like Sondheim (I know, I'm a terrible gay) so I don't feel that distraught.

And then there's this:

I'm surprised they dropped this clip early (they'd played it up in last week's preview, and we'd seen him filming on the set a few months back) but there it is, Jake's skit with Amy Schumer!


Scot said...

I remember those pictures from when Jake wanted to star in the lance armstrog story - a movie that was never made, thankfully! armstrong was such a douche.
Two things struck me as a bit odd at the time. It seemed like Jake was borrowing lance's clothing, and everybody was wearing those yellow "Live Armstrong" bracelets - everybody EXCEPT lance armstrong!
Glad the movie never happened even though the whole thing resulted in lots of nice pictures.

Anonymous said...

@Scot, the pix show 3 different jerseys - red/black, white/red, nike. All are fitted. The nike was in NY. Which one seemed like Lance's? The movie WAS made with Frears directing Ben Foster. Dismal flop.

He also met Mike Nichols, Neil Jordan for play/movies that couldn't happen. Damn Yankees? Joe Namath still may happen one day. It takes the momentum all at once for projects to happen: funding, the right core crew.