Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Officer Beefcake To The Rescue

I almost feel as if director Richard Linklater saw my realization of relative indifference towards his films circa Boyhood and has decided to openly court me with Everybody Wants Some - I mean, putting Tyler Hoechlin in a mesh half-shirt, mustache, aviator glasses, and gym shorts (while holding an axe, no less!) is about as hard and direct a plea to my particular sensibilities as coming up to me and planting one on my cheek. 

That said I probably won't see the movie until it's out on blu-ray because this is a very busy time of year and there are movies I very much want to see (Midnight Special, please hang around for a bit!) that I haven't even gotten to yet. We'll see then, Dick. (Watch this movie's 80s hunk stuffed trailer here.)

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