Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I Do Indeed Want Some, It's True

I hadn't bothered watching the trailer for Richard Linklater's new movie -- Peter Travers at Rolling Stone calls it "Dazed and Confused meets the 80s!" because Peters Travers is a hack who just states facts and gets quoted on movie trailers! - called Everybody Wants Some because 1) Have I mentioned it often enough in the past two days that I am very busy?, and 2) I finally realized with Boyhood, after far too long of trying, that Richard Linklater's movies kind of just aren't for me. His most atypical film Bernie is my favorite; otherwise his genial chatterbox thing tends to bore or grate. Anyway that was all before I read the headline at Vulture that this movie looks like "a gay porn without the sex." I ain't too busy for that! 

And then I remembered -- oh yeah this is the movie starring Tyler Hoechlin and Glen Powell and Ryan Guzman and a bunch of other very attractive young actors. Damn you, Richard Linklater! You sucked me in again. What do you guys think? And hit the jump for a few more caps from the certifiably Catalina-ish trailer (with lots of Tyler Hoechlin in short shorts, yo)...


7th Heavin said...

I got really excited at the idea of a gay actor being cast in a major movie by a prominent Hollywood director but then I realized most people still think Tyler Hoechlin is straight. :/

sowhatelse said...

Wow, that looks like a seriously stupid movie...that I eagerly look forward to seeing for its plethora of attractive young actors.

das buut said...

Pass. Tired of gay baiting, stupid pussy hound movies about frat assholes and fucking pot heads. I got enough of this shit in the 90s and 2000s.

Carl said...

I see. Linklater directed, and Ryan Murphy must have done the casting. This works for me.