Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Eric Bana's Enormous Codpiece Shenanigans

I don't know how I live in a world where this news hadn't already trickled its way to my ears, but I do, and that is more depressing than, like, a one-legged Sudanese puppy. From this site (whose reputation I cannot vouch for, having never been there before):

"Scarlett Johansson struggled while acting with co-star Eric Bana in new movie The Other Boleyn Girl - she couldn't stop looking at his private parts.

Bana, who plays Henry VIII in the movie, had to wear a codpiece for the part - a decorative flap used to cover male genitalia in medieval England - and it proved to be too much of a distraction for Johansson.

Johansson, who plays Mary Boleyn in the film, says, "We'd be ready to do a scene and I couldn't look at anything else.

"I won't get over that codpiece for a long time.

"Eric would use it as a tool. He would rest his hands or a cup of coffee on it.

"People would even lead him around the set by it.""

This is why I need to go get a job on a movie set tomorrow. On the off chance that my offical job title could be "Eric Bana Codpiece Wrangler." Sigh.

Also, because I'm a complete perv, here's ---> a close-up of said newly-infamous codpiece, because this is the kind of magic that deserves to be prominently featured in this dull world.


J.D. Judge said...

Why the hell is it sticking out?!?

JA said...

That's the way those Victorians rolled. See:

Codpieces were the Hummers of their day.

John T. said...

Definitely a reason to get into show biz.

Also, Ja, are you trying to give us all cardiac arrest with that picture of Jake in Jarhead? Definitely the best part of waking up!

JA said...

I found it inevitable that my banner would change from that Brokeback image last week to this Jarhead one this week. It was fate, there was no getting around it. ;-)