Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Edgar Wright's Don't!!!

Battling with Eli Roth's "Thanksgiving" trailer as my favorite faux-trailer from Grindhouse is Edgar "Shaun of the Dead" Wright's "Don't!", which had me practically peeing myself with laughter.

Here's Mr. Wright talking to Rotten Tomatoes about the trailer, in response to a question of what a feature-leangth version of "Don't!" would have to look like:

""If it was [turned] into a feature, it'd have to be like Dario Argento and 'Suspiria,'" said Wright. "'Suspiria' is I think one of the few films that feels like a dream you've had when you've had too much cheese. It's just like the weirdest bad dream you've ever had. I love those films that have the nightmare logic and don't really have any plots or story. It's just like horrible bad dream after bad dream."

Currently a collection of snippets with a narrator telling the characters not to do things, "Don't" is already a spoof of European horror trailers. "The thing about my trailer, unlike maybe the other ones, is that the whole point of it is that there's no plot. Sometimes you see some of those trailers for European films and you're thinking, 'I have no idea what the f*ck that is about.' My idea to make it look like it was a 90 minute film condensed is to have a different actor in every single shot so it seems like its a new cast every [scene]. Nobody ever reoccurs. So in like 90 seconds there's like 30 actors in it which is crazy.""

You can see "Don't!" right here; though, if you've not seen Grindhouse yet, DON'T! you dare click on that link; just head to your nearest movie theater right this second, or I shall slap you about the face and neck.

I actually DON'T! think a feature-length version would work with any of the trailers from Grindhouse; they're all predicated on the gags specific to their types of trailers, and we're seeing all the good bits already. I mean, I have faith that Roth or especially Wright could translate them into full-length, but it might be beating a dead pony by that point. Pony cuz they're short, see? Sigh.

Anyway, DON'T! (I'll stop that now) forget - Wright's highly anticipated next flick with the Shaun guys, Hot Fuzz, comes out on April 20th!

That's nine stinking days!!!


blackkittycatt said...

Thanks for the link to Don't and yes I did see the movie the other night. I love Don't! I know some critics like the first film better then the second, but I loved them both. The second was great because it was so funny and kind of cheerful. Lots of girl power! The night I saw it in the audience I and the three guys I saw it with were the ONLY ones laughing through the film(s). I wanted to scream out, "Don't you all understand this is FUNNY? IT"S ALL RIGHT TO LAUGH!" But that's life in a small Oregon town. Didn't you say something once about Rose McGowen maybe having some work done? She does look a little "different" in the first movie, but her features were more mobile in the second. A friend of mine saw her on a late night talk show and claimed Rose's face was totally frozen. SO SAD. She's only like 31,32. She wouldn't look any different sans botox. But starlets are more and more afraid of feather like lines. Hope she gives it up. She's could end up a great actress.

Marius said...

I'm really looking forward to Hot Fuzz.

The Shockadelic "T" said...

To quote blackkittycat: "I wanted to scream out, "Don't you all understand this is FUNNY? IT"S ALL RIGHT TO LAUGH!" But that's life in a small Oregon town."

...and that's the problem I have with most Tarantino worshipping audiences. They seem to feel they HAVE to laugh so everyone else in the theatre knows how "Hip" they are. I didn't find "Planet Terror" funny in the least. The attempts at humor were largely unfunny. I found the film at large it to be loud and grating and the film perfections were too distracting. Before you write anything else, let me say I'm nearly 40 years old and I remember Grindhouse films very well. They were NOT like that. They weren't winky, self referential laugh fests with piss poor prints. In fact, I rarely saw any first or second run prints that were anyways near that bad. Had I, I'd certainly have asked for my money back.

That said, I have seen many, many films that looked like "Death Proof"; quality and plot wise. For once, I have to applaud Tarantino. He did a good job... and "Don't" was the highlight of the 3 hour opus for me.

Go to:

for my own personal reflectons on Grindhouse, if you dare!