Thursday, April 18, 2024

Jake Gyllenhaal Five Times

Although I certainly got pleasure from Jake's whole shredded Road House schtick I'm happy to post some photos of him looking like the dorky adorable boy we came to know and love back in the day -- these photos are ringing a bell that they might be from a shoot that's a couple of years old (I vaguely remember similar ones) but they are actually being used in a new edition of a magazine (via) so fine by me. They also give me the opportunity to share today's news that Jake's Presumed Innocent series for Apple+ will be premiering at the Tribeca fest in June! Which i will be covering, per usual, so stay tuned for more. I'll have more to say about Tribeca soon -- they started announcing their line-up while I was out sick earlier this week -- but I don't have all that in me today. Taking it slow. Hit the jump for the nice maybe-new maybe-old photos...

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