Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Gone Sundancin'

Alright kiddos that's it -- I'm off to the mountains of Utah for the next week to watch some movies and get a backrub from Robert Redford or whatever. My first Sundance in person, baby! Keep your eyes peeled to my social media for updates -- reviews will be popping on Pajiba but I'll doubtlessly be rambling verbally on Twitter and visually on Instagram as well. I'm theoretically back from the fest on Tuesday but I'm taking the rest of next week off to dive into the online portion of the fest so... not sure if I'll be posting here on MNPP any sooner than January 29th. Wish me luck! (And before anyone asks the gif above is of French actor Raphaël Personnaz in a 2016 movie called In the Forests of Siberia and you can see a lot more from this scene right here, you are welcome.)

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Shawny said...

I hope you have the greatest time in Sundance JA. How exciting!