Tuesday, August 15, 2023

The Mean Streets of Heaven

Once again sneaking up on me since time has lost all meaning or whatever -- Happy Criterion Day! Every months' middle is devoted to Criterion announcing their release slate three months ahead, and so here today on August 15th we're given the titles they will be releasing come November. First up is a movie I have never seen before but always wanted to -- Claude Chabrol's 1995 thriller La cérémonie starring Isabelle Huppert and Sandrine Bonnaire. Huppert won a Cesar for her performance, which sees her and Bonnaire's sudden unexpected friendship going, and I quote them, "haywire." And who does haywire better than Huppert, I ask you? This one, a new 4K restoration, hits on November 21st -- pre-order it here

Next up is a 4K restoration of Martin Scorsese's Mean Streets, which... wanna hear something insane? I have never seen Mean Streets. I have seen pieces of Mean Streets, but I have never sat and watched it from start to finish. I have been saving it for.... I don't know, the right time. I know I'll watch it some time. I suppose this new blu-ray is a good time, at last? It's also out on November 21st -- pick it up right here. Lots of people watching some crazy shit this Thanksgiving, I guess!

Next up a pair of masterpieces that I have actually seen, huzzah! Both The Last Picture Show and Days of Heaven are getting 4K upgrades -- and seeing as how these are two of the most gorgeous movies ever directed that's something to properly celebrate. Also Picture Show has only ever been released in that America: Lost And Found boxed-set of theirs which also included Five Easy Pieces and Easy Rider and several other great films of that time period -- I know because I bought that set just to have Picture Show last year. Sigh! Days hits on November 14th, pre-order it here, and  Picture Show is also on the 14th -- get it right here

And finally -- Criterion is dropping a great big Jackie Chan boxed-set! Dropping on November 7th (buy it here) "Emergence of a Superstar" gathers up six of Chan's early films, from 1978 to 1985, including Half a Loaf of Kung Fu, Spiritual Kung Fu, Fearless Hyena I and II, The Young Master, and My Lucky Stars. I admit I'm not the audience for this set -- wacky kung-fu hijinks aren't really my bag. I've had Chan's Police Story set of movies from Criterion for months and not gotten around to them yet. But I'm sure plenty of people will be very excited for this and I am excited for them!


canoetoo said...

I remember seeing "Days of Heaven" when it was first released. I saw it in a beautiful old theatre on Eglinton Avenue that had been upgraded for Dolby sound. It was the first movie I'd seen with a Dolby soundtrack and I've never forgotten the thrill of the fields of wheat rustling all around me and the extra drama it made in the first scenes.

Chip Chandler said...

I also bought the "America Lost and Found" set for "Last Picture Show"! I'll be upgrading, though; that "Texasville" bonus is too fun to pass up, and I'm already imagining the swimming pool scene in 4K.