Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Photograph Me Like One of Your Caladan Boys

What looks like a gorgeous book of set-photography from the set of Denis Villenueve's Dune movie, all taken by the photographer Chiabella James, has been released unto the world this very day -- you can buy it at this link. Seeing these two photos of Oscar Isaac lounging around in the (presumed) nude (since that's what his character was during this scene) were enough for me to clickity clack on that buy button, and perhaps they will be for you as well. I'm sure there's other gorgeousness to behold from that set, given the luxurious sets and costumes and locations that that sucker shot on. But Oscar's enough for me. 

ETA I stumbled on three more photos of Oscar in the book
and uhh they clearly must be shared.
Hit the jump for them all...


Jake said...

The most BEAUTIFUL man I have ever seen!!!! When I see Oscar, my heart pounds!!!!

Anonymous said...

Same here Jake. Especially after SfaM