Tuesday, August 08, 2023

Quote(s) of the Day

"Well, I like a feel-bad French movie with frontal nudity."

That's John Waters once again, for the millionth time in his life, speaking for all of us. This comes when he's asked what kind of movie makes the famous and provocative John Waters sit up and take note during a new chat with a Portland newspaper here (thx Mac) -- he's about to do his latest stage show there, as the man never stops working. There are lots of interesting things in here, though -- like, speaking of "not working" he's very clearly at a standstill on his triumphant return to film directing (his adaptation of his book Liarmouth) because of the WGA and SAG strikes. Goddammit, studios! If you fuck this up I will come for you.

Also of note in John Waters news -- I guess he was on a podcast this past week (I'm not mentioning which one because I can't stand the man whose podcast it is and he doesn't deserve to have his name typed here on my site) and he said that Ari Aster's Beau is Afraid is his favorite movie of 2023 so far! That makes so very much sense. (Here is my review of that.) The full quote:

"You go to downtown San Francisco and now it’s like the beginning of Beau is Afraid, have you seen that film? It has some really great shit. It has Joaquin Phoenix, but it’s three hours long and he’s going crazy in the movie. Patti Lupone is sublime."

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