Thursday, July 13, 2023

Afire to Fantasia & Beyond

Did that photo of British actor Langston Uibel grab your attention? I hope so, it was meant to, for a couple of reasons. First and best there is the fact that Uibel is one of the leads of Afire, the new movie from Christian Petzold (Barbara, Phoenix, Transit), which is out in theaters tomorrow. (Here in NYC there is a preview screening tonight at the IFC Center with the great Mr. Petzold there in person.) Click here to look for where the film might be playing near you, and click here to read my review of the film from when it screened at Tribeca last month. The movie is fantastic, truly. Oh and I previously posted the trailer right here.  

Another reason why I was trying to grab your attention is I'm off now for the three-day-weekend. Do I mention that it's a three-day-weekend containing my birthday? Sure why not -- my birthday is Saturday. Shower me with affection. (Or even better go donate some funds to MNPP's coffers to keep us afloat, how about that.) I plan on doing a lot of nothing. Oh I am going to see Call Me By Your Name on the big screen for the 20-something-th time tomorrow! 

There is that! Oh and one last other thing -- one week from today I am going to fly to the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal, Canada, for the first time. I've been covering the fest for many years now from afar -- this will be my first time there, in the flesh, and I am very excited. (Also nervous about pandemic stuff -- since COVID isn't over! -- but dealing.) Anyway that means next week will be another three day week, and the week after will be a two-day one, but we'll get to that when we get to it. Just a heads-up. But do check out the Fantasia Fest line-up to get an idea of all the wondrous stuff I'll be talking about soon! And please have a great weekend. Celebrating my birthday, however you see fit. 

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Louise said...

Always so glad to hear that someone else is still taking Covid seriously. Very few people still mask in my area & sometimes I start to think, "Am I overreacting?" And then I remember that everyone else is under-reacting. Have an awesome birthday!!