Tuesday, June 20, 2023

A World Afire

Yeesh this has turned into a much busier day than I was anticipating. But I can't not post the trailer and the poster for one of my favorite films so far this year -- Christian Petzold's Afire is out on July 14th (the day before my birthday, huzzah!) and I now have these things to share with you to show you it's worth watching. That is if my Tribeca review that went up the other day wasn't enough, anyway. But my review...

... doesn't have cute boys kissing,
so obviously the trailer wins. Watch:

If you're a fan of Petzold's earlier films -- Barbara and Phoenix and Transit and Undine -- this one feels a little different, I think, but it's still fabulous. What a run for this filmmaker, y'all. One of the greats working today, truly. I do wish he'd reunite with Nina Hoss again, but I suppose she's too busy making out with Cate Blanchett in Tar and, you know, who can blame her? Anyway in summation I have a big crush on Afire actor Langston Uibel now, the end.

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