Friday, May 19, 2023

This is Not a Safe Space

It's Friday and that means there are movies out! Yes, movies are still a thing! Crazy, right? We're all just sitting here twiddling our thumbs waiting for cock-sucking holograms and they're still making movies. Well as long as we've got to do this movie thing, bahhh, at least there are some ones worth seeing -- like today there's a movie called Sanctuary out that stars Chris Abbott seen above alongside Andie-Macdowell-spawn Margaret Qualley (seen nowhere here) as a dom and her rich boy sub and it's actually pretty decent? I wrote my thoughts out on it at Mashable, click here to read 'em. I know some people don't like Abbott but as our archives attest to I am not one of those people, and this is one of his best turns to date. Here is the trailer for Sanctuary if you missed it. Now stay tuned, I have more reviews coming! It is Friday after all!

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Anonymous said...

cock-sucking holograms?? Excuse me hahah I need to know more about this !!