Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Christopher Abbott is My Safe Word

I know you know what Christopher Abbott fans we are here at MNPP -- I never would've guessed it when he was on Girls, where I hated him, but then I never would've guessed I'd be so hot for Jon Bernthal when he was stinking up The Walking Dead either. Took some time to glom onto their particular charms, but Abbott's proven himself an extremely risky fella, taking interesting and daring projects on time and time again. And here he comes again!

premiered at TIFF but only in person so I didn't get to watch it then (I covered TIFF virtually), so I've spent the last six or so months salivating with want -- thankfully it's out on May 19th and I've already RSPV'd for my press screening, thank you very much. That said it's kinda weird how very very similar this one seems to a movie Chris already made -- I speak of Nicolas Pesce's 2018 film Piercing of course, which was about Abbott meeting up with a prostitute (Mia Wasikowska) in a hotel room and the power dynamics shifting wildly from moment to moment between them. (Piercing was one of my favorite movies that year -- seek it out if you haven't seen it!)

This new one stars Abbott as a masochist who meets up in a hotel room with a dominatrix (Margaret Qualley) and, uhh, the power dynamics shift wildly from moment to moment between them. This is a kind of odd niche to carve out for one's self!

But I do think we've probably got ourselves a killer double-feature in the future. I'm admittedly a bigger fan of Wasikowska than I am Qualley, but she looks great here. Anyway see for yourselves -- Neon's gone done and dropped the trailer for Sanctuary today!

Sanctuary is out on May 19th.
What do you think?


Dan said...

It's kind of giving me gender-reversed "Secretary" vibes, at least as a starting point, and I'm into that.

bdog said...

Piercing is on Netflix.