Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Trap Me In a Car With Michael Angarano

Checking my archives I can't believe it's been two entire years since I've posted about my "Bertie" boy Michael Angarano here on the site? The last thing I posted in April of 2021 was about him getting a role in that show Minx -- that show has fully come and gone by now! And I never watched a single episode of it. For shame, me. I mean I know I tend to hate Christopher Nolan movies but the fact that he's in Oppenheimer should've gotten a mention. Well I'm posting about our boy today at least, with Deadline's word that he's written and is directing a road-trip comedy! It's called Sacramento and it will star him and Michael Cera as best friends who drive from L.A. to Sacramento and discover about themselves and their relationship the kind of things people discover on movie road trips -- their wives will be played respectively by PENI5 legend and icon Maya Erskine (aka Angarano's real life partner) and, uhh, Kristen f'ing Stewart? Okay! Imagining her and Michael Cera as a married couple has already got me giggling, so that's good news.


bdog said...

Minx is on Starz now, and the 2nd season should drop soon.

Anonymous said...

Minx does the thing and shows the thing(s) UMMM Kristen Stewart's first love was....Michael Angarano until a certain Batman came into the picture. Exciting.

dre said...

Still can't believe this is the kid from W&G. I've watched him grow into a good actor and a fine-looking man. Also? It makes me feel old.