Friday, March 10, 2023

It's A Scream

There is a new Scream movie in theaters! And I have reviewed it! Click on over to Pajiba to read my thoughts on Scream 6, the latest stab -- hehehe get it -- at this meta-slasher franchise from the dudes who made Ready or Not. And no, spoiler alert, this movie is not as good as Ready or Not. But it's an improvement over the last one, mostly. I mean we see both Mason Gooding and Josh Segarra topless so it kind of has to be, for that alone. 

But wait hey look there is another movie out today that I also reviewed today, although this is a far less enthralling proposition in every way -- click here to read my thoughts on Champions, the "Woody Harrelson coaches a ragtag misfit crew of Special Olympian basketball players" movie that the world most definitely was not asking for. I mainly just used this review as an excuse to talk shit about sports and sports movies though, so I guess this movie did serve a purpose in one way. (PS fuck you Woody Harrelson for your anti-vaxx bullshit -- you're as good as dead to me now.) In summation... yeah, here is more Mason Gooding:

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Jake said...

DAMN, he is hot as fuck!!! Too bad his father is such a worthless prick.