Friday, March 10, 2023

Wrappin' Road House

Like the picture says I guess that's a wrap on the Road House re-do! This photo comes from director Doug Liman's (surprisingly thirsty) Instagram account, where he can be seen celebrating half-nekkid with Jake Gyllenhaal's hot-ass co-star Billy Magnussen on the beach. For all of our coverage of the Road House shoot -- including yes dozens of photos of Jake flashing his rock-hard abs live in Las Vegas for an MMA tournament -- click here. And there's bonus content in the Twitter thread at the bottom of this post, mostly shared by Billy on social media. Now we just wait for the damn movie!

And listen, as much as I love so much of this thing's cast and as much as I think Liman's 1999 film Go is a straight-up masterpiece I'll admit that I have been thinking a lot of the same thoughts shared in this piece here (thx Mac). Nothing about what we have seen seems like Road House in the slightest? Especially what we saw of Jake's character in those Vegas clips. So I don't know why they're pretending this is a remake. Besides of course the I.P. bullshit of swiping the title and hoping that bit of laziness gets asses in seats. But yeah my ass will be in the seat, regardless -- there are too many hot men involved for me to say no. And we'll always have the original Road House to go back to to remind ourselves that no, actually, pain don't hurt! 

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