Friday, March 10, 2023

Oscars Blah Blah Whatever

I have very little -- some might even say "nothing" -- to say about the Oscars this weekend. And yet it occurs to me that this is theoretically a site about The Movies (in between the man-ass anyway) and so perhaps I should spill some digital ink on the subject -- at least enough to offer y'all a place to leave comments on the Oscars this weekend, if you care to. Even though there are far better places to have that conversation than here! But I guess that's what this is. I have opted out of about 98% of writing about awards at all this year, even when invited to -- even my Golden Trousers were this year more like Golden Briefs!

And I know I've spouted all of this before but I just have no patience left with the machinery and the mindset of it all now. It has become this substance-less inwardly-aimed conversation that has extremely little to do with the films themselves -- what they are saying and how they are making us feel. But instead it's all about its own self. Oscar statistics make my skin crawl, and are the exact opposite of what I come to this art-form for. Still I'll be watching the show on Sunday as ever because if there's one thing I love it's looking at beautiful people being glamorous, and I'll take it this way if it's how I gotta take it. If I have to listen to Jimmy fuckin' Kimmel make Cocaine Bear jokes about Brendan Gleeson so be it. At least the best performance of 2022 somehow managed to snag a nomination...

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Shawny said...

I'm not very excited about Oscar's either. When film like Top Gun gets a best picture nom, things are out of whack. The entire mission in that movie was almost a verbatim copy of the Death Star attack in the first Star Wars film!